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Fantasy Gifts explores the fantasy in a fictional universe, for example in novels comics and games. Typical worlds involve magic or magical abilities and often, but not always, either a medieval or futuristic theme store. Some art worlds may be a parallel world tenuously connected to Earth via magical portals or items; a fictional Earth set in the remote past or future; or an entirely independent world set in another universe. Many fantasy world sites draw heavily on real world history, geography and sociology, and also on mythology and folklore. The most common fantasy world of gifts is one based on medieval Europe, and has been since William Morris used it in his early site of fantasy gifts works, such as The Well at the World's End and particularly since the 1954 publication of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings. Such an art world is often called "pseudo-medieval" – particularly when the writer has snatched up random elements from the era, which covered a thousand years and a continent, and thrown them together without consideration for their compatibility, or even introduced ideas not so much based on the medieval era as on romanticized views of it. When these art worlds are copied not so much from history as from other fantasy art gifts, there is a heavy tendency to uniformity and lack of realism. The full width and breadth of the medieval era is seldom drawn upon. Governments, for instance, tend to be uncompromisingly feudal-based, or evil empires or oligarchies, usually corrupt, while there was far more variety of rule in the actual site and time of the Middle Ages. 

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